How To Treat Dry Hair

How To Treat Dry HairWe’re all constantly on the hunt for the next big thing when it comes to hair care. From tools, to shampoos, to masks; we’re willing to try anything to help give us luscious locks.

However, we often find ourselves so preoccupied with what we want to try out that we fail to take into consideration what our hair needs.

Our hair is speaking to us, and it’s our duty to listen to it. If you’re noticing changes or struggling with your hair, heat styling it to perfection is never the solution!

This is all especially true when it comes to drier hair types. Dry hair is like a dying plant desperate for nutrition. You have to give it the nourishment and hydration it craves if you want it to be manageable at all!

That’s why I’ve put together this guide to save you a lot of time and trouble. If you want to know what’s what when it comes to dealing with dry hair –keep reading!

Why Is My Hair So Dry?

The best step to treating a problem is to understand it. So if you’re struggling with dry hair, it’s important to start by figuring out what is causing this dryness? Whether you’re born with it, or you’ve noticed dryness developing overtime, there are factors that are contributing to it, and it’s important to understand what they are in order to avoid them.

Over Treating

One of the most common reasons behind dryness can be that you’re doing too much to it. This can either mean heat styling it too often, or applying too much product.

We naturally want our hair to look beautiful every day, and so we can’t resist styling it. But if you’re noticing that your hair is getting drier as a result, then you need to give it a rest. Sticking to natural soothing oils and allowing your hair to air dry can do it a world of good and help reverse the damage.

Using the Wrong Products

Aside from over treating your hair, the most basic products you use could be causing the damage; shampoo & conditioner. Nowadays there are so many heathy options out there that are free of any harmful ingredients. It’s so important for you to make sure to stick to those, you could be using a shampoo that has ingredients in it that are stripping your hair of what it needs. It’s so common for people with drier hair to be using shampoos that are doing more harm than good.


Lastly comes the factor that’s entirely out of our control; the weather. Your hair could be just getting drier with the cooler months, or even drier in the hotter months with all the sun exposure. That’s why it’s so necessary to switch up your hair care routine according to how your hair reacts to the weather.

How to Get Rid of Dry Hair

There are many things you can do to help give your hair the moisture and nutrition it craves.

The Shampoo Technique of the Pros

A top tip that is often given by professional hair stylists in order to avoid dry hair is all down to how you shampoo your hair. They swear by the method of only really shampooing the first few inches of your hair.

Focus the shampoo and really rub it in right at the roots of your hair and avoid working it into the lengths of your hair. This method is going to ensure that you hair is deeply cleansed without unnecessarily drying out and building up product throughout your hair.

Conditioning is Key

While it’s super important to avoid over treating your hair, it’s still vital to treat it. You need to make sure your hair is getting all the hydration you can give it. You can do this by upping your conditioner game, or even by investing in a really effective hair mask to give your hair an intense dose of moisture. Deep conditioners are going to be your new best friend!

Give it a Break

This may seem like the most impossible suggestion, but you have to give it a rest with all the heat styling tools! It sounds crazy because your dry hair probably needs the extra styling, but this is just going to continue to perpetuate the dryness cycle. So give it a break, and the allow all the hydrating products you’re putting in your hair to do their jobs.

What to Use on Dry Hair

Now that we’ve covered all that, it’s time to get right down to it and cover the exact products that work best with dry hair.

Best Shampoo for Dry Hair

With so many out there to choose from it’s hard to know which shampoo to look for, and it’s even harder to know whether it’s going to work for you. With drier hair it’s best to find shampoos that incorporate natural oils to give your hair the hydration it needs without being too harsh.

Argan oil is amazing to give your hair the nourishment and shine it needs. Argan oil really works to prevent and repair damaged hair and give it the hydration it needs.

Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Argan Oil Hair Conditioner is an absolute winner when it comes to dry hair. You will see visible results with this from the very first use. It really leaves your hair feeling silky soft and works to repair it over time and give it the deep conditioning it needs.

Best Treatment for Dry Hair

If you’re struggling with the kind of frizz and fluffiness that comes with dry hair, then John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range will be your saviour. The entire range works to really leave you with sleek hair and to also keep your hair hydrated. This is your go-to new styling product; you won’t even find yourself reaching for a straightener!

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