How To Style Fine Hair

fine hairIt’s pretty much a given that people with thick hair dream of having less of it, and those with fine hair wish it was thicker. Each hair type comes with it’s own set of positives, as well as negatives.

Whereas thick hair can be tricky to manage and keep tame, fine hair can be equally hard to style.

To help avoid those flat and limp hair days, follow some of these styling tips for fine hair.

Dry Your Hair

If you suffer with particularly fine hair it is rarely a good idea to let your locks dry naturally. To achieve some volume and style you need to blow dry your hair, preferably by tipping your head upside down. By drying your hair upside down you can really blast the roots and add extra volume where it is needed. As with many hair appliances using the right temperature for your hair type is important. Those with fine hair should use a hair dryer with lower temperatures to make sure you don’t cause any heat damage.

Go Easy On The Conditioner

Although we want our hair to be soft and shiney, be carful about adding too much conditioner to fine hair, especially to the roots. Conditioner can weigh down hair, which is the last thing we want for already flat hair. Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and avoid putting it on your roots and scalp.

Let Hairspray Be Your Friend

If you are going to be wearing your hair up you will need to apply some hairspray to keep it in place. The same goes for if you have curled your hair with straighteners or rollers.

Don’t Brush With Plastic

Make sure you use the right hairbrush for your hair type. There are lots of different brushes and combs to choose from, and if you can only remember one rule, don’t use plastic on fine hair. The plastic will potentially make your hair static and flyaway – not the ideal look.

You Can Straighten Your Hair

Although you likely won’t want to be straightening your hair to make it flatter, you can still use a straightener to add volume and bounce. You can achieve some great hairstyles with flat irons on fine hair, just make sure you get the right straighteners for your hair type. For finer hair you will want to keep the temperature down low to avoid burning or damaging your hair. Thin or mini plated straighteners will work better on fine hair.

Get Layered

Getting your hair layered is a great way to add some volume. Bobs can look fantastic and you can add density to your locks by asking your hair dresser to add layers. Short hairstyles can look really trendy and work perfectly for fine hair.

Be Proud Of Your Hair

Don’t waste your time dreaming of having thicker hair, focus on what you have and think of the positives. There is no doubt that fine hair is often much shinier than thicker, coarser hair, and it is of course much easier to hold up in a pony tail when you can’t face styling it!

Try Out Hair Extensions

Hair extensions look amazing these days. I bet you have passed or even spoken to someone with extensions and not even realised it. They look incredibly realistic and come in so many different colours, matching them up to your tone is easy. If you feel unsure about putting your own hair extensions in you can visit a hair stylist.

Get Inspiration

Spend time collecting pictures of styles you like. Pinterest is a great place to start, as are magazines. Pin those pictures to both your virtual and real world notice boards!


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