Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners – Do They Work?

Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners

I recently purchased the Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners to put them to the test on my thick and frequently unpredictable hair. The wider plates are made especially for those with thicker and sometimes frizzier hair. Before I dive into the results let’s first discuss the features of these Cloud 9 straighteners and what you get for … Read more

Best Hot Air Brush Buying Guide 2022

Best Hot Air Brushes

Drop your straighteners and throw away your hairdryers; the hair angels have answered our prayers yet again. We spend hours styling our hair daily, we’re always on the pulse waiting for the next big release that’s going to give us professional hair in minutes, and hot airbrushes have given us just that. Now, this isn’t … Read more

Your Guide To The Best Hair Straighteners In 2022

hair straighteners on woman with long brown hair

Hair straighteners have come a long way over the last 10 years. Choosing the best hair straighteners is a must to avoid a frizzy or flyaway hair day. With so many hair styling gadgets to choose from, all promising to give you perfect poker straight hair, how do you know which ones will deliver the … Read more

Argan Oil – What You Need To Know

What is Argan Oil? The ‘next big thing’ in the beauty and cosmetic industry – argan oil has quickly become one of the most used oils within many cosmetic products. Often marketed as a wonder oil for skin and hair, argan oil has been in the spotlight for years. But where does it come from? And … Read more

Babyliss Curl Secret Review

Babyliss Curl Pro Review

When a tool comes along that completely revolutionises the way you do your hair, it’s going to get some attention. Social media are all over it. From videos showing how magically it works to photos showing before and after results; you’re guaranteed to have come across the Babyliss Curl Secret by now. Without even knowing … Read more

How To Curl Your Hair With Straighteners

How To Curl Hair With Straighteners

If you have ever curled your hair, chances are you’ve done it with a curling wand or a set of heated rollers. Both tools are an easy way to get the curls you want without a lot of trouble. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have a curling iron or hot rollers, you can certainly get fabulous … Read more