How to Straighten Short Hair

How to Straighten Short Hair

Straightening hair can be difficult, especially if you have short hair. It can take a bit of practice, but once you have learnt how to master it, it can become fun and creative.

There are different ways in which you can straighten your hair. You can straighten your hair without heat or with heat.

Using a Hair Dryer to Straighten Short Hair

First of all we will look at how to straighten short hair without heat.

One way in which you can straighten short hair without heat is by using a hairdryer with cool to cold air blowing out from it.

The first thing to do is to wash your hair.  Think about purchasing a shampoo that is especially made for straightening hair. If you cannot get a deep conditioner then leave your normal conditioner in for an extra two or three minutes. This will improve your hair moisture and stop and frizzing. Once this is done you can blow dry your hair on the colder setting, using a brush to straighten it as you dry. Try using a anti frizz serum, it will help your hair to stay straight while it is drying.​

Using Aluminium Foils

Another easy way is to use aluminium foils. Simply cut out approximately five inches of foil and use this to wrap your hair in.

The Best Hair Straighteners for Short Hair

There are many different hair straighteners or flat irons to choose from to use to straighten your short hair with. If you have never used a hair straightener or flat iron before it can be difficult to pick the right one to suit your short hair so do your research before going ahead and buying one.

For short hair, pick a straightener or iron with narrow plates with measurements of half an inch to one inch thick.

Look at the mini hair straighteners or flat irons as they reach right through to the roots and all areas of your hair.

ghd IV Styler for Short Hair

The ghd IV Styler are slim straighteners, perfect for shorter hair and fringes. They get closer to the scalp than larger irons. Read our full review of the ghd IV Styler here.

TRESemme Salon Professional 2066U Ceramic Styler 230

These economical hair straighteners from TRESemme are great for straightening short hair. Read our full review.

BaByliss 2860 BAU PRO 200 Nano Mini Straightener

This BaByliss mini straightener is 16cm in length. The ceramic plates will give you a lovely smooth finish and it’s heat can go up to 200 degrees.

These minis come in all sorts of colors and can be ordered online. We haven’t yet had a chance to review them, in the meantime, please check out these reviews.

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