How Often Should You Go To The Hairdressers?

getting hair cutI must confess, I don’t go to the hairdressers as much as I probably should. Why not? Well, I don’t really enjoy the experience if I am completely honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coming out of the hairdressers. Especially as they cut, blow dry and straighten my hair in a way that only a professional has the skill to do. And nothing beats that ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feel good feeling. Although I use the same ghd Max Styler on my hair as the salon, my hairdresser just has an amazing way of making it a) look so effortless and b) look so great!

I guess I don’t particulary enjoy the experience because I have such thick hair. Hair that just takes forever to wash, cut and dry. A couple of times a year I will treat myself to highlights, so my length in the chair can sometimes last as long as 4 hours…of course the bonus of this is I get to drink coffee and read trashy magazines for an extended period of time.

So, as I sit here, feeling guilty about how I am REALLY overdue a hair appointment, inspecting my long locks and seeing if the ends actually do look as bad as that, I decided to find out how often we should really be going to the hairdressers.

Well, it would seem that there is no ‘right’ answer to how frequently you should be going. The general consensus between hair experts seems to be every 6-8 weeks. Maybe sooner if you have a short style that grows out quickly.

If you leave it too long between hair cuts you risk your hair looking dull, out of shape and worst of all, damaged at the ends, especially if you use hair straighteners on a regular basis. A hairdresser can give your hair a great deep condition and get rid of those split ends, strengthening your hair.

Top Tips

  1. Book your next hair appointment when you are there. All done and in the diary. No excuses.
  2. If you are likely to be there a while, take a good book to read, switch off your mobile phone and enjoy the ‘me time.’
  3. Find a hairdresser that you like and trust. Then stick with them. As you build up a relationship with them you will come to look forward to haircut time!
  4. Try and coincide a visit to the hairdressers with a special occassion, or use your hair appointment as an excuse to create a special occassion – nothing better than a lunch/dinner out with friends with a glowing new hair cut to show off.
  5. If you straighten your hair regularly make sure you are taking care of your hair to minimise heat damage.
  6. If you are finding the cost prohibitive, try and find a hairdressers that offers trainee/student nights. You will often get a haircut at a fraction of the cost (or maybe even free). The trainee won’t be left unattended so don’t be fearful that you will come out needing to wear a paper bag for the next 6 weeks.
  7. If you have hair salon phobia (I really get this) then try and find a mobile hairdresser who can come to your home. They are often cheaper anyway.
  8. If you have thick or long hair make sure you let the receptionist know when you are booking your hair appointment, you will need more time allotted.


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