Everything You Wanted To Know About ghd Straighteners

ghd questionsghd were the first hair straightener brand to hit the market over a decade ago. They are still one of the most popular and trusted brands out there today, although they now have a lot more competition from other companies like Cloud 9.

They have come a long way since their original ghd irons were released. They have added numerous more straighteners to their collection to cater for all different types of hair straighteners.

FAQs About ghd Hair Straighteners

What does ghd stand for?

Good Hair Day. What we all want right?!

What hair straighteners are better than ghd?

Whereas ghd are no longer the sole choice for the best hair straightener on the market, they are, I believe, still the market leaders. Many hair salons, at least in the UK, still stay loyal to them. From my research their closest competitors would be Cloud 9 (update: check out what happened when I bought some Cloud 9 Straighteners!)

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Do ghd hair straighteners damage hair?

Consistent use of any heat based appliance will gradually damage your hair over time. However, ghd are definitely one of the better hair straighteners for protecting your hair. Have a look at my article on protecting your hair from heat damage.

Do they switch off automatically?

If you do not use your ghds for 30 minutes they will go into sleep mode and automatically switch off. This is a feature on all models. No more panicking all day at work that you’ve left your straighteners on! Although I would recommend getting into the habit of switching them off and unplugging them from the mains after every use.

Where can I get my hair straighteners repaired?

Check first to see if they are still within warranty. If they are then you can send them back directly to ghd for repair or replacement, details can be found here. It is also worth asking them to repair if you are out of warranty. Otherwise, for the UK, this company have a good reputation and they also sell parts.

How do I curl my hair with ghd hair straighteners?

ghd have a great selection of tutorials on their website on how to create many different hair styles, including curling your hair. Or you can check out my guide on how to curl your hair with straighteners.

How do you clean them?

Cleaning your ghds is quite easy. It is a good idea to do so on a regular basis, especially if you use products during styling. Make sure your straighteners are switched off and completely cool. Wipe the plates clean with a damp cloth to remove and residue.

How hot do they get?

The ghd classic and ghd gold range operate between 175 and 185 degrees and the platinum at 185 degrees.

How long do they last?

If you look after them, a very long time. My first pair lasted for over 10 years. If they have any problems, ghd have a 2 year warranty (at the time of writing). But you are not covered for accidental damage and incorrect usage. Check the small print.

Are they dual voltage?

Yes they are dual voltage. Meaning you can take them on your holidays! Just don’t forget your adaptor. Always double check before purchase that your particular model is dual voltage.

What is the best price for ghd hair straighteners?

It is definitely worth shopping around. Check the high street prices too, they sometimes do a price match. For convenience though, and I usually find them the cheapest place to buy hair straighteners, go to Amazon.

Which ghds should I buy?

The choice can feel really overwhelming when there are so many different models. The most important consideration is your hair type.

Do you have thick hair? Go for the ghd V Gold Max Styler.

Do you have short, normal, or fine hair? Go for the ghd IV Styler.

Are you trying to straighten very short hair, getting closer to your scalp, or want to take them travelling? Go for the ghd Gold Mini Styler.


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