Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners – Do They Work?

I recently purchased the Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners to put them to the test on my thick and frequently unpredictable hair.

The wider plates are made especially for those with thicker and sometimes frizzier hair.

Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners

Before I dive into the results let’s first discuss the features of these Cloud 9 straighteners and what you get for your money.

There’s no denying these straighteners are high end and that is reflected in the price. They are considerably more expensive than other budget straighteners, but Cloud 9 are most definitely a salon-quality brand.

What You Get

When I received my Cloud 9 straighteners I instantly felt like I was being treated.

The packaging and presentation of these irons is first class. Great first impressions.

Once I got over the initial excitement of opening up a new hair gadget I was eager to test them out. I quickly zoomed off to wash my hair so that I could fairly put them through their paces.

Before I talk about the performance and results, take a quick look at their main features:

I will discuss each feature in more detail further on – but first, lets see the results, that’s the most reliable decider after all.

For this review I washed my hair as normal and then rough dried it with my hair dryer (I didn’t brush my hair as I was drying it, I just ran my fingers through it). I will run another test when I just leave my hair to dry by itself without the use of a hair dryer. My hair is often much ‘bigger’ and ‘wild’ when left to dry that way 🙂

Did They Work?

Hopefully the following pictures will answer that…

Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners for Thick Hair

The biggest confirmation came when various friends kept on asking me if I’d just had my hair done. Have I finally achieved my just stepped out of a salon look?!

UPDATE: What I am really impressed by is that when using the Cloud 9 Straighteners, my hair is still straight on day 2 and day 3! No touch ups required. 

Using Them

They were super easy to use. After switching them on I turned the temperature up to the maximum heat of 200°C to make it easier to get through my coarse hair in the least time possible.

There are 7 temperature settings ranging from 100°C to 200°C. The thinner your hair, the lower you should set the heat. I didn’t time how long they took to heat up but it couldn’t have been longer than 15 to 20 seconds.

I sectioned out my hair using hairbands. Again, the more hair you have, the more you should section it out. If you try and straighten too much hair in one swipe you are not going to get great results.

The wide ceramic plates glided through my hair with ease, there was no snagging, and they felt really smooth. The whole process of straightening my hair took no longer than 10 minutes – of course this will vary depending on your hair length and type. But the Cloud Nine’s work really quickly. I didn’t need to keep going back over the same bit of hair to get it straight.

Storing Them

I love the heat protector that came with these straighteners. Instead of having to leave my straighteners out to cool down I can just pop them in the protector – and far away from inquisitive hands, or other potential dangers when hot irons are left out to cool down.

Would I Recommend the Cloud Nine Wide Straighteners?

These are salon quality stylers that you get to use at home. They are simple to use and work so well on hair that is thick, long, coarse or frizzy. That extra width on the plates really makes a difference when it comes to how many times you need to run the straightener through your hair.

The extras that come with this model are worth the additional cost – the travel case and the heat guard are really useful items that make the whole process safer.

Their dual voltage makes them perfect for travelling and the UK plug is also fitted with an EU plug inside.

For anyone with long hair the Cloud Nine Wide Irons provide that “little extra” you need for superior styling in less time. They have a curved design which allows you to create sleek, straight styles, or even big, beautiful curls.

They have the same great technology and features you’ve come to expect from Cloud Nine products, so you know you’re getting the best in salon-quality styling. Reviewers raved about these irons and many have replaced their much-beloved ghds with Cloud Nines instead.

Features (in more detail)

One Touch Temperature Control – The Cloud Nine Wide Iron comes with a one touch variable temperature control. Use the higher settings for thick, curly, or coarse hair, and the lower settings for fine or damaged hair. The variable temperature control let’s you decide what is the optimal setting for your hair.

LED Indicator Lights – When the iron is switched on, indicator lights on the temperature panel will glow. Adjust the temperature control and they will flash while the iron is adjusting the heat setting, and then glow steadily when the desired temperature has been reached. This takes the guesswork out of determining whether your iron is ready, and saves your poor fingers from getting singed from testing!

Wide Ceramic Plates – The wider plates on this iron make styling long hair a breeze! The plates are a unique black mineral infused ceramic for superior styling. Ceramic plates heat evenly and quickly, and are very smooth so they do not pull or tug at the hair. Mineral infused means the ceramic is likely infused with tourmaline which produces negative ions to neutralise static electricity, making your hair smooth, silky, and super manageable!

Versatile Design For Varying Styles – This straightener has a curved design for ease of use as well as the ability to create a variety of styles from smooth sleek bobs to big bouncy curls. No need for curling irons when you have a Cloud Nine Iron. You can change your look to suit your mood.

Power Switch – The Cloud Nine Wide Iron comes with a power switch so you can leave them plugged in and turn them on or off as needed. Once they’re on, the LED indicator light will glow to alert you.

Safety Hibernation Mode – Ever have a panic attack at three in the afternoon wondering if you’ve left an appliance on and started a fire in your home? Not with Cloud Nines! If you run out of the house and forget to switch off your iron it will automatically shut off after thirty minutes of not being in use. Perfect for those busy days when your mind is on other things.

Extra Long Swivel Cord – This straightener has a salon length cord and can easily reach from the socket to the mirror, with room to spare. To make it even easier, the cord swivels as you move so it doesn’t get all tangled up while you’re styling. This is especially helpful for those with long hair.

Heat Guard And Heat Resistant Carry Pouch–Protect your counters and your fingers. In addition to other safety features this iron comes with a handy protective heat guard which also protects the straightener from damage when not in use. Even better, it comes with a matching travel pouch for safe storage.

ID Chip – Now you don’t need to worry that you have received a counterfeit product. All Cloud Nine irons have radio frequency controlled chips containing unique identification numbers that allow them to be tracked and monitored to ensure they are the genuine product. (Amazon is an authorised distributor of Cloud Nine products).

International Voltage – For the travellers among us, the Cloud Nine website states that their irons can be operated from 120v to 240v, 50 Hz ac, and will automatically adjust themselves to the varying power source. The UK plug is also fitted with an EU plug inside. To use, take out the screw in the middle of the UK plug and remove the casing to access the EU adaptor. Brilliant!

12 Month Manufacturer’s Guarantee – This model also comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee. Remember to register your straightener by visiting Cloud Nine and this will extend it to 2 years. On the rare occasion that it might fizzle out, contact Cloud Nine for repair or replacement. Don’t forget to keep your receipt.

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