Cloud 9 C9 Touch Review

Cloud 9 C TouchWell, we didn’t think it could get any better, but here it is – the latest and greatest in hair straightening technology from Cloud Nine. You won’t believe it until you try it for yourself. Touted as the world’s first automatic iron with instant heat, this styler doesn’t even need an on/off button. Cloud Nine says the C9 Touch Straightener is the fastest iron on the market today.

Here are some of the product highlights:


  • Buttonless design
  • Instant heat
  • Two heat settings
  • LED Temperature Indicator
  • Polished plates
  • MiCOM controlled heating system
  • Eco friendly
  • 360ᵒ swivel cord
  • Dual Voltage
  • ID Chip
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

Buttonless Design/Instant heat – To use this fancy styler all you have to do is plug it in and start straightening. With the first stroke of hair it automatically turns itself on when the plates touch. No buttons or levers to get in your way and accidentally get turned off when you are using it.

Two heat settings – This iron comes with two heat settings; 195ᵒ for normal to thick hair and 165ᵒ for fine or damaged hair. As you start styling it automatically heats to 195ᵒ. To cool it down just click the plates together twice and it cools to 165ᵒ. Need to heat it back up for a thicker section of hair? Click the plates together again three times and it increases the heat to 195ᵒ. What could be easier?

Led Temperature Indicator – No worries about trying to figure out if it is on or off, the C9 Touch has LED indicators that not only let you know when it is on, but also tell you at what temperature it’s set. When you turn it on it instantly heats to 195ᵒ and the LED light glows red. When you reduce the heat to 165ᵒ the LED light glows blue.

Polished Plates – The C9 Touch has the same polished smooth mineral infused ceramic plates that glide smoothly through the hair without pulling. They remove static electricity and smooth down flyaways for a beautiful, sleek style. We know you wouldn’t expect anything less!

MiCOM Controlled Heating Systerm -This new iron comes with a microcomputer controlled heating system technology that allows it to adjust to a thermal sensor’s calculations and heat evenly and constantly through the hair sections. No hot spots or cold spots, just perfect styling.

Eco Friendly – If you are energy conscious you will love this iron. When it is left resting it will shut itself off after 30 seconds. This is a fantastic safety feature since you never have to worry if you’ve left them on! Because it can automatically turn itself on and off, it saves energy. Cloud Nine says it cuts power use down to a fraction of what other irons use.

360ᵒ Swivel Cord – This straightener has a salon length cord and can easily reach from the socket to the mirror, with room to spare. To make it even easier, the cord swivels as you move so it doesn’t get all tangled up while you’re styling. This is especially helpful for those with long hair.

Dual Voltage – For the travellers among us, the Cloud Nine website states that their irons can be operated from 120v to 240v, 50 Hz ac, and will automatically adjust themselves to the varying power source. The UK plug is even fitted with an EU plug inside. To use, take out the screw in the middle of the UK plug and remove the casing to access the EU adaptor. Genius!

ID Chip – Now you don’t need to worry that you have received a counterfeit product. All Cloud Nine irons have radio frequency controlled chips containing unique identification numbers that allow them to be tracked and monitored to ensure they are the genuine product. Amazon is an authorized distributor of Cloud Nine products.

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty– This fancy styler also comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee. Just remember to register your straightener within 14 days after purchase, and on the rare occasion that it might fizzle out, contact Cloud Nine for repair or replacement. Don’t forget to keep your receipt.


Cloud Nine carries top of the line products and now they have outdone themselves with the C9 Touch. With its sleek, buttonless design and automatic heat up you can get right to work creating all the beautiful styles you love. With just a few clicks you can change the temperature setting up and down and not even have to stop to look. When you’ve finished styling, just set them down and walk away – they turn themselves off.

The only thing we couldn’t determine from the websites were the accessories that came with the iron. Usually they come with a heat guard, carry case, and sometimes even a heat proof mat. Knowing Cloud Nine you’re sure to get some of the accessories, if not all in the packaging. The Cloud Nine website says they include a heatproof mat and styling product samples.

Many die hard GHD fans (including stylists) are making the switch to Cloud Nine, and this new iron is even more enticing.  Review after review show users buying Cloud Nines as GHD replacements. With this kind of technology, it’s easy to see why.

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