Homemade Hair Masks

Homemade Hair Masks

Ever since I reached my early teens, I have been giving my hair a hard time. If I wasn’t dying it some random colour to match my latest fad, I was running the crimpers through it. And don’t even mention the ‘Sun In’ I tortured my poor hair with (sorry hair). Fast forward to today and I am much … Read more

Best Hair Dryer Buying Guide

hair dryer buying guide

Successfully straightening your hair very much depends on how you have dried your hair after washing it. Occasionally I do leave my hair to dry on it’s own, and then straighten it – but I often regret it as it takes much longer.  Drying my hair with a hair dryer prior to straightening usually brings much better results. With … Read more

Best Heated Rollers Guide

Heated Rollers

I couldn’t resist researching and reviewing the best heated rollers. Even though this is of course a blog about the best hair straighteners on the market, adding heated rollers to your hair regime can add some beautiful waves and curls to your straight hair. Trends come and go when it comes to beauty; but it’s … Read more