Dry Your Hair In Silence With The Best Quiet Hair Dryer In 2022

There are many reasons you might need to use a quiet hairdryer. Perhaps you are first up in your house and you don’t want to wake up the rest of the household when you need to dry your hair. Or maybe you have a baby or toddler who wakes at the slightest of noises. Have you missed the phone ringing or the delivery man at the door?

Whatever your reason, you’ll be pleased to know that there are hairdryers available that can dry your hair with little or no noise. And better still, you won’t be compromising on style.

I’ll jump into the reviews a little further on, but for those of you in a rush, my absolute hands-down favourite quiet (and almost silent!) hairdryer has got to be the MHU Professional Salon Grade. It’s the ultimate in haircare luxury.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers On The Market In 2021

Dyson Supersonic Intelligent Hairdryer

If the Dyson hairdryer was to win on looks alone, it would undoubtedly secure the top spot. Thankfully, it’s abilities go deeper, with performance easily equalling appearance. Anyone who has used a Dyson hoover will know that they are a company that only build high quality and durable products. Yes, they do cost a lot more than a usual hairdryer, but if you are serious about getting the best hair dryer for your hair, you should consider the extra expense.

Main Features

  • 1600w power
  • 3 speed settings
  • Intelligent heat control
  • Very quiet
  • Magnetic attachments
  • Motor is in the handle

Visually the Dyson hair dryer looks so different to any other hair dryer. For starters, the motor is in the handle and not the main body of the hair dryer. This makes the dryer much lighter to hold as the weight is more evenly distributed.

So how quiet is this hair dryer? It’s currently the quietest hair dryer on the market. But how do they do this? In it’s simplest terms the engineers have prevented the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle by using a silicone mount. The noise you hear from a regular hair dryer is essentially the noise of the motor vibrating (knocking) against the casing.  Will you hear it when in use? Yes, it’s not completely silent, but it is quiet enough that you can hold a conversation, not miss the doorbell and most importantly, not wake up the toddler.

Most potential users will be interested in the expected drying time and whether it effects the health of your hair. We know that too much heat on our hair can dry it out, and cause it to break, so why would we want to be blasting it with so much hot air that it makes our hair dry even quicker? This was my biggest concern with the Dyson hair dryer – sure, getting my hair dry in half the time is appealing, but not at the cost of making me look like a scarecrow.

Well thankfully, the (very) clever engineers over at Dyson have made healthy hair a priority.

According to Dyson, the Supersonic has intelligent heat control prevents extreme temperatures, protecting against overheating. Less damaged hair reflects more light in a single direction, so it appears shiny.” Essentially this means that the hair dryer will monitor the temperature as it leaves the dryer, protecting your hair from heat damage. You won’t feel the usual scorching heat blasting your scalp and neck. Perfect for drying young children’s hair too. Clever huh?

Who Should Buy The Dyson Hair Dryer – those who want quicker dry time without compromising on hair health, people who need a super quiet hair dryer, people who use a hair dryer frequently, families with young children who don’t like having their hair dried (the Dyson is quieter and cooler than most).

What Could Be Better? – the obvious one is of course the price point. It makes it prohibitive to many people, especially when you compare it to other hair dryers on the market. But, if your hair’s health and the need for a quicker and quieter dry time is a priority, the cost is a worthy one. I do think they could have thrown in a few extras, such as a travel bag for the price., but these can be bought separately as an accessory.

ghd Air Hair Dryer

As some of you may already know, I am a huge ghd fan. I have used more ghd straighteners than any other brand. Why? Because in terms of hair straighteners they are top of the pack (well, they kind of share it with Cloud 9, but that’s another article!) But does their quality extend to hairdryers?

Main Features

  • 2100w motor
  • ghd Ionic technology
  • 3 metre power cable
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Ergonomic design for both right and left handed people

I have previously reviewed the ghd Air Hair Dryer and I still think it’s one of the best hair dryers available. It’s not as expensive as the Dyson, yet it is still an incredible product. It’s not as quiet as the Dyson, but it is still much quieter than many other dryers out there. But if your number 1 priority is quietness, then go for the Dyson. If you want a more economical buy whilst still maintaining quality (and a certain level of peace!) then you won’t be disappointed with the ghd Air.

Top Tips For Buying And Using A Hair Dryer

  • If you want to use it when you travel, make sure it is a) compact enough to fit in your luggage b) will run on the power capabilities of the country you are visiting.
  • Check for multiple heat settings. It’s important to be able to control the temperatures you are using to dry your hair.
  • How much energy does the hair dryer use up? If you are going for a more powerful hair dryer (which the quieter ones tend to be), make sure they won’t consume too much energy, especially if you use it on a daily basis.
  • When using a hair dryer, always try to partially towel dry your hair first, and don’t point the hair dryer too close to your locks.

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