Best Heated Rollers Guide

I couldn’t resist researching and reviewing the best heated rollers. Even though this is of course a blog about the best hair straighteners on the market, adding heated rollers to your hair regime can add some beautiful waves and curls to your straight hair.

Trends come and go when it comes to beauty; but it’s the few that truly stand the test of time that are worth always having in your collection. Hair rollers are old Hollywood staples, and while the technology may have changed; this classic hair tool is still a cult favourite to this very day.

With such a vast array of options, I’ve decided it’s time for a roundup of the good, the great and the phenomenal! So without further ado, let’s see what heated rollers you need for each of your needs!

Heated Rollers Reviews 2017

When it comes to heated rollers, they each perform best for different things. While they essentially all serve the same purpose of styling your hair and giving natural waves; you can find that some work best for tighter curls while others might give more volume.

This list rounds up the 5 best heated rollers of 2017 for each different purpose.

For every finish listed, the heated rollers chosen are the best in the market to ensure that exact style. There’s something in here for everyone!

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers

For Smooth and Sleek Results

The Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers is a set that comes with 20 rollers; some larger and some made for tighter curls. It comes in a compact box that you plug in to heat, once the heat ready indicator dot lights up you’re good to go.
These heated rollers worked insanely well when it came to a smooth and sleek finish. The ceramic nature of the rollers helps give you smooth waves and tone down any frizz you may be suffering. The ceramic also helps give you the healthiest, shiniest looking curls – this is thanks to the way the material retains the heat.
I absolutely loved how smooth my hair felt and looked after using this, and I’d definitely recommend a spritz of heat protectant before to enhance it even more!
The set comes with two heat settings which is perfect to allow it to work for all hair types. These rollers work perfectly for women who may have naturally curly and wavy hair that is prone to frizzing up throughout the day!
[su_box title=”MAIN FEATURES” box_color=”#ffbd60″]20 thermo ceramic rollers
(8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers)
Heat indicator when ready to use
Cord length: 1.85m
10 super clips and 20 metal pins

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How To Use

  1. Plug in the Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers and choose the heat setting (go for high if you have thick/hard to manage hair, but stick to low if you have finer hair).
  2. Thoroughly comb your hair through and separate into sections.
  3. Once heated, take a roller to the ends of your hair and roll it all the way back to your roots and then secure with a grip.
  4. Repeat until all hair is rolled up and wait 10-30 minutes before removing.
  5. Be blinded by the shine of your styled hair!

What I Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, the set itself falls a bit short when it comes to usability. The grips are not colour coordinated according to the correct sized roller. This is however a minor point and for the money, the rollers still represent excellent value for money.

What I Liked

It’s getting pretty clear by now that I absolutely loved the shine this gave my hair, so that’s definitely the biggest pro. It’s also ideal that you’re given two heat setting options to help cater to your different hair needs. While this won the spot of best for sleekness, it also deserves an honourable mention for the volume it gives! This gives you the biggest, bounciest curls which is definitely an added bonus!

What I Loved : Fantastic budget buy – curls lasted for ages.

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Remington H5670 Jumbo Hair Rollers

For Volume

Coming in as the largest in size on the list – the Remington Jumbo Hair Roller set comes with 12 huge ceramic coated rollers!

The rollers come with a pro-ionic conditioning system which help to prevent damage or breakage, this system also helps dry your hair faster and more efficiently.

Each roller comes with cool-touch ends which is life changing to avoid any burnt fingers.

Although this set may come with the least number of rollers, they definitely make up for that in size. If you’re a lover of volume, this is the one for you.

The size and quality of these rollers made these the easiest of the list to declare the best. They give volume like no other. If you’re all about wavy, full of body hair then you will love this. The bigger the better, I always say.

[su_box title=”MAIN FEATURES” box_color=”#ffbd60″]12 rollers
12 clips and 12 pins included
10 minute heat-up time
Ceramic coated, Ionic conditioning
Heated storage case
Wax filled core
Ionic conditioning [/su_box]

How To Use

  1. Plug cord into outlet and allow 10 minutes for the rollers to heat
  2. Comb your hair through and make sure it is towel-dried or completely dry- never wet!
  3. Section your hair and roll as usual in the direction of your desired style
  4. For Curls: start at the end of the hair and roll up to the roots
  5. For MORE Volume: start at the roots and roll your hair upwards around the roller
  6. Place each designated sized clip around each roller
  7. Wait until cool to touch and then unroll every roller gently and let each curl cool for a minute before spritzing with your styling products

What I Didn’t Like

As often with hair products, their selling points can also be their downfall. With the Remington Jumbo Rollers it can unfortunately sometimes be a bit difficult to work with the larger rollers. While they do their job amazingly, it’s a bit difficult to keep your hair in place, and even using the big clips they come with it can get hard for the rollers to stay put. Another area where this set falters is that there is no heat indicator telling you when it is fully heated, so it’s very easy to overheat them sometimes and make them harder to use.

What I Liked

The biggest pro of this set would definitely have to be the size of the rollers. It’s the jumbo nature that gives you such luscious, voluminous waves. The size of the roller means you can wrap larger sections of hair around and it’s easier to avoid the dreaded tight prom curls.

The volume this will give your hair is actually unreal and it doesn’t hurt that the pro-ionic conditioning system helps to avoid any breakage and to heat your hair faster. These give you an easy way to get big volume without all the hassle and mess of back-combing, which is quite alright to me. The core of the rollers are filled with wax, which helps to retain the heat and in turn create longer lasting curls.

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[su_label type=”info”]TOP PICK[/su_label]BaByliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set – Pack of 30 Pieces

For the Woman That Just Can’t Make Her Mind Up

babyliss pro ceramic heated rollersYou can already tell by the name alone what this set is unique for. With 30 pieces in the set, the Babyliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set is your go to heated roller when it comes to more variety.

The set comes in four different sizes; 6 small rollers, 8 medium, 8 large and 8 jumbo sized.

Metal pins are provided for each roller and there’s also 15 super clips thrown in. This variety of roller sizes gives you the freedom to choose whichever type of curl you’re going for that day or even have alternating curls to give your hair more texture. Most heated rollers come with two or three sizes at most so this one really stands out in that sense.

The ceramic rollers in this set are actually covered with a special material that makes it a lot easier to grip the hair. As with most, this set also comes with two heat settings for you to choose from depending on your hair quality.

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[su_box title=”MAIN FEATURES” box_color=”#ffbd60″]Includes 30 heated rollers of 4 different sizes
Two temperature settings (90˚C to 130˚C)
30 colour coded metal pins, 15 super clips and a storage bag
Fast heat up time
Salon length swivel cord
Lightweight rollers
2.7 metre length cord
Enough rollers to do a whole head

How To Use

  1. Make sure each sized roller is perfectly placed in it’s special slot within the set and then plug in and heat until the indicator light tells you it’s ready.
  2. Comb and section your hair, creating larger sections for the bigger sized rollers and smaller ones for the small-medium rollers.
  3. Begin placing the rollers in your hair depending on where you want different sized curls to be.
  4. Wait until the rollers are cool to touch and unravel each roller slowly. Avoid pulling them out too quickly.

What I Didn’t Like

The Babyliss Pro Heated Ceramic Rollers actually hardly had any cons. The one possible downside is the fact that some users felt the rollers did not heat up enough to thoroughly style thicker or longer hair. Personally, I found the opposite. The different sized rollers really allows you to get the longer and the shorter parts of your layered hair and give each section an equally as thorough wave, so I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t work for longer hair!

What I Liked

This heated rollers set stands out amongst the rest because of its wide variety of rollers as well as sizes. It’s really rare to find a set that gives you 30 rollers to use. The four different sizes are perfect to give you options depending on how you want your hair to look that day instead of having to buy one heated roller set with jumbo sized rollers and another with smaller sized ones. These rollers will give you soft waves with a lot of volume thanks to the different sized curls.

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[su_label type=”info”]TOP QUALITY[/su_label]Cloud Nine The O Pod

Cloud Nine Heated RollersFor The Professional Woman

If you’re looking for that salon quality finish, or if you actually do hair professionally; these are the rollers for you.

Cloud Nine The O Pod heated rollers are some of the highest quality ones you can access. This set is seriously high-tech, it manages to heat the velcro rollers within seconds while still being cool to the touch and easy to work with.

What’s so unique about this set is that you heat each  of the 12 rollers provided individually. Yes, you read right. The set comes with a little heating pod and you place each individual roller into it to heat it up before using. This gives you completely even heat without worrying about the rollers getting cooler by the time you get around to them, each one will be freshly heated for that section of hair.

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[su_box title=”MAIN FEATURES” box_color=”#ffbd60″]Rollers heat up in 4 seconds
Energy efficient – they use 7 times less power than other heated rollers
Heat on demand rollers
Various size rollers to create all different kinds of curls
No burning of the scalp or fingers – the rollers heat up from the inside.
Assortment of lightweight clips
Amplify heat actified spray included to assist with a lasting hold
Luxury back faux leather case

How To Use

  1. Start with towel dried hair and separate your hair into small sections
  2. Place your roller into the plugged in pod and allow 4 seconds to heat
  3. Roll into your hair as usual and place the next roller into the pod and repeat this until your hair is completed

What I Didn’t Like

Although the individually heated rollers system is designed for efficiency and a speedy process, it can often have the opposite effect. Even though the heating time is only a few seconds, it can get frustrating to keep having to stop and start to heat each individual roller.

What I Liked

The lists of pros for the Cloud Nine heated rollers are endless. To begin with, the 4 second heating time makes this a much quicker process than most. It’s also shocking to find out that despite this super-fast time, the O actually is energy-saving and uses a lot less power than most traditional heated rollers. It’s even more impressive that even though these are infamous for their speedy and effective heating process, they’re actually really safe and help avoiding burnt fingers. This is because the core of the roller is what’s heated instead of the surface, which gives the added bonus of more thoroughly heated hair. The velcro fabric of these rollers is also really helpful at gripping your hair and staying in place, my hair didn’t move once which was seriously impressive in comparison to the Remington Jumbo Rollers.

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[su_label type=”info”]BEST FOR SPEED[/su_label]Babyliss Pro 20 Piece Heated Roller Set

For the Woman That Needs Efficiency

babyliss heated rollersYes, this is an alternate version of the previously mentioned Babyliss Pro Heated Rollers.

This set is actually the upgraded version of the rollers. This means that while it comes with fewer rollers, this set actually works faster and better.

The upgraded version offers a new heating system and actually works a lot faster, heating up the rollers in under 5 minutes!

The set comes with a variety of sizes as well; 8 jumbo, 6 large, and 6 medium along with 20 pins and 10 super clips. As with most of the sets, this does come with 2 heat settings.

The reason this one comes in as the best for efficiency is definitely the 5 minute heating time, as well as the fact that I’ve found that you can get quicker results with this in a lot less time.

With most heated rollers you’re expected to leave them in until cool, this set recommends waiting 20-30 minutes; but I’ve noticed that even a quick 10 minutes can work wonders with this one. The ceramic used in these rollers give an extremely sleek finish but more importantly the heating system actually increases the longevity of your results. This upgrade means better results in less time!

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How To Use

  1. Plug in set and allow to heat for 5 minutes
  2. Comb through and section your hair
  3. Roll the rollers into your hair using the different sizes for different finishes, and then proceed to clip them in either with the super clips or metal pins
  4. Unroll your hair after 20-30 minutes (or 10 if you’re like me )

What I Didn’t Like

The extreme heat of this which makes it super-fast to work with is probably the only downfall with this. This is the only heated roller I had a few accidents with, and a lot of reviews claim the same. When using the high setting these rollers can get insanely hot and it’s hard to prevent burning fingers. Also, although I was fine, I can imagine that the extreme heat could be damaging to finer hair.

What I Liked

The fastness of working with this set made it a must have on this list. You can potentially get your entire hair done within 10 minutes if you’d like and you’re still guaranteed to have amazing long lasting results. The upgrade in the heating system means this set is sure to give you long lasting curls that won’t fall out that easily and can last you till the next day if you use the right hair spray with it!

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What Are Heated Rollers?

Hair rollers have been around for as long as I can remember, but it’s undoubtedly the upgrade that has kept it around for so long. Once heat was added to hair rollers, it was clear that they’d be sticking around. Heated hair rollers are mostly used by professional hair stylists, but over the past few years they’ve earned themselves their own cult following. Heated rollers are so well loved because of their uniqueness, they simply give your hair results that no curling tongs or straightener ever could.

There’s something so effortlessly beautiful about the curls a heated roller can leave you with. Before going any further into the tried and true rollers; let’s cover what we’re getting into here.

How Do Heated Rollers Work?

We’ve typically always known rollers to just be used by rolling your hair around them and pinning them down for as many hours as possible- sometimes even sleeping in them! Heated rollers have revolutionized this process by allowing you to get the same results in a fraction of the time! The way they work is that a number of rollers are placed in a compartment- usually a box. This box can be plugged into a power outlet and shut close with all the rollers inside, it then takes about 90 seconds (depending on the product) to heat up each individual roller. You then proceed to place them into your hair as you would a traditional roller, and leave them in for the suggested time. The heated element allows this to be a much quicker process and give you much more longevity out of your curls.

How To Use Them

Heated rollers are to be used similarly to normal hair rollers, with the added benefits of efficiency and efficacy.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the right way to use hair rollers, here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Begin by combing your hair through entirely- make sure your hair is tangle-free to avoid being left with messy or frizzy hair at the end of the process
  2. Plug the box full of rollers in, and make sure each roller is placed perfectly as instructed by the brand.
  3. Allow the box some time to heat each curler up- following instructions given by the product ( I personally recommend leaving them a little extra longer to make sure you get optimal heat)
  4. Separate a small section of your hair and spray it with either a heat protectant or a hair spray to enhance the longevity of the results ( I prefer to use both so that I get protection as well as longevity)
  5. Carefully take a roller (use heat protectant gloves to be safest) and place it at the end of your section of hair, and begin rolling your hair around it until you reach the roots.
  6. Secure the heated roller in place with a clip or cover- these should be provided with the rollers.
  7. Repeat this until your entire hair is rolled up and leave them in for as long as suggested.
  8. Once the time is up- slowly unravel each heated roller and be wowed by the results!

So, now that we know what it’s all about; let’s quickly cover what you should judge a heated roller by and what’s expected of it.

What To Consider Before Buying

As with most hair tools, there are some qualities expected of it and it is those qualities that should help guide you to finding a heated roller that will perform the best.

I’ve come up with a list of the qualities I find to be most important and the ones I’ve used to consider each of the listed rollers to be the best:

Packaging – the best heated rollers will come in a box that can be closed for the heating process

Sizes of rollers – it’s best to find a set that comes with a variety of sizes of rollers to give you differing results or for different sections of hair.

Longevity – how long the curls last is an important factor to consider

Temperature – the level of heat provided is important to help judge the previous quality

Fabric – different fabrics can be harder or easier to work with. For example, Velcro can grip your hair better and keep the rollers in place.

Top Tips for Using Heated Rollers

Choose the right size roller according to your hair type and the kind of curl you want to achieve.

If you have short to medium length hair and want a tighter curl, or want to create body, choose smaller rollers. Smaller rollers work well when used around the face and nape of the neck.

If you have medium to long hair and want fuller, larger and looser curls that create bounce, use large rollers. Larger rollers are also great for adding volume to your hair style.

If you want curls that will last all day, and curls that are tighter, leave the rollers in for as long as you can. Your curls will be more defined and long-lasting. Conversely, if you want looser and softer curls, only leave the heated rollers in for a short time.

You will be able to determine how well your hair responds to your heated rollers and how long you will need to leave them in for by experimenting with leave in times.

Now that we know everything there is to know about the magical world of heated rollers, it’s time for my roundup. This list is guaranteed to be the perfect guide to ensure you finding the heated roller for you!

In a rush? Here is a quick round up of my top 2 heated rollers;

Babyliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set [su_label type=”info”]BEST ALL ROUNDER[/su_label]

These heated rollers from Babyliss are perfect for all hair types. They come in a range of different sizes consisting of 30 rollers in total. There are 8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium and 6 small. This makes them ideal for different hairstyles with varying sizes of curls. If you decide to go for a short hair cut then you can still use this set. It also makes them perfect for sharing with your friends!

Pros Perfect for thick and long hair as well as short and fine. Large choice of roller size.
Cons Rollers can sometimes get too hot to touch when on the high temperature setting​.

Cloud Nine The O Pod [su_label type=”info”]SALON RESULTS[/su_label]

Cloud Nine produce high quality straighteners and the O Pod Heated Rollers are no exception. The price tag is higher than other rollers, but for the extra investment you can get professional results at home.

The technology for these heated rollers works differently to other products. They heat the rollers from the inside so they are not hot to the touch.

Pros: Fantastic, long lasting results. Suitable for all hair types.
Cons: More expensive than other heated rollers.


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