Best Hair Brush For Your Hair Type

Hair BrushAs a nation we spend a lot of time and money on our hair. We have piles of products; shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair sprays, to name a few. We have hair styling appliances to suit every whim of our appearance.

But are you using the best hair brush?

You can have the best of everything, but if you are using the wrong brush, your hair won’t be reaching it’s full potential.

But a brush is just a brush isn’t it? Not really. Yes you can use any hair brush to get through your hair and style it, but you may be unknowingly damaging your hair.

Stay with me as I go through each type of hair brush to help you choose the best kind for your hair type.

Best All Rounder – Boar Bristle Brush

For everyday brushing you should choose a cushioned brush that is made from boar bristle. The bristles will gently massage your head which will enable an increased blood flow to your scalp and make your hair healthier. The bristles are durable and tough yet will gently detangle your hair whilst spreading out the natural oils found on your scalp to the rest of your hair.

The Kent Brush Oval Paddle Pure Bristle Brush is a popular and economical option. It is made from a nice beach wood with a rubber insert on the handle. This brush is especially great for straightening and smoothing hair.

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Paddle Brush – Straightening Long and Thick Hair

I use my paddle brush daily and I love it. It is perfect for drying my hair with my hair dryer, I use it to dry most of my hair and then switch to a round brush just before the end to style it (if I’m not using my hair straighteners).

A paddle brush is great for smoothing out my hair whilst reducing the volume.

My favourite paddle brush to use when styling my hair has is the TRESemme Ceramic Paddle Brush.

The bristles are ceramic which are ideal for distributing the heat from my hair dryer evenly. The ionic bristles also help to reduce the frizz that some hair types are prone to.

The brush doesn’t tug on my hair and leaves it feeling nice and smooth. I’m sure the ceramic bristles also help to dry my hair off in a quicker time.

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I also love this Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush, not only does it look great, it is also infused with Argan oil.  The Argan oil helps to keep my hair detangled and smooth down my frizz.

The bristles are made from plastic with rubber ends. They are spread out evenly to ensure smooth brushing and detangling of the hair.

I tend to use this particular paddle brush for brushing my dry hair, rather than using it in combination with my hair dryer or straighteners. the manufacturers recommend not using it with heat.

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Round Hair Brush – Great for Medium to Long Hair

When I’m not using my hair straighteners, I love using a round brush to straighten my hair. The SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush not only feels luxurious, it does a fantastic job of helping to dry my hair with minimal frizz and static. The brush itself is heat resistant (vital if you are using a hair dryer). It also has Nano Ionic technology, which doesn’t just sound fancy – it is fancy! It helps to seal cuticles and thus reduce frizz and increase shine.

If you want to go large and add some volume to your hair, this is your brush. The brush helps to lift your hair from the roots to produce more volume. Equally, if you already have way too much hair going on, it is perfect for creating soft loose curls, or smooth shiny locks.

This round brush also seems to speed up my drying time – by as much as 10 minutes! I think this is because of the ceramic material it is made out of. The boar bristles assist in evenly spreading out the natural oils found on your scalp. My hair does seem to stay smoother for a much longer time as well.

To round off (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) this brush comes with a 12 month guarantee – if you are unhappy with it  you can either return it for a refund, or get a replacement.

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Electric Hair Straightening Brush

Since the hair straightening brush came on the market they have exploded in popularity. And with good reason – they work! I personally use the AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush and love it. It hasn’t replaced my ghd straighteners – but I sometimes use it instead of my flat irons. I find that I can get a different kind of style with a brush that straightens hair. Instead of getting dead straight hair, I can create a more naturally straight style. I also love being able to brush my hair whilst straightening it.

I spent a lot of time researching the various straightening brushes on the market and I found that AsaVea had created the perfect brush in both design terms and functionality. For my full review check out my hair brush straightener post.

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What Should Your Hair Brush Be Made Out Of?

My personal material of choice is a hair brush that is made from bamboo. As a quick side note, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t!), bamboo is actually a grass rather than wood.

There are plenty of good plastic brushes out there, but bamboo is preferable for a number of reasons;

  1. Brushes made from bamboo are much smoother than plastic made ones. Although plastic brushes are well made, there are the occasional little cracks and sharp edges that can appear. If you do have a plastic brush, make sure you examine it frequently to make sure it is still smooth. If your hair catches on an unsmooth edge, you risk pulling and potentially splitting your hair.
  2. Do you suffer from static hair? Yes, me too. If you use a plastic brush you are going to increase the electric charge that runs through your hair. If you have any small strands of hair or frizz this will stick up even more. Bamboo will reduce any static in your hair.
  3. Bamboo will gently redistribute the natural oils found in your hair, resulting in smoother and shinier locks.
  4. It’s so much better for the world! Bamboo grows very quickly and in abundance, making it a very sustainable material. Plastic as we know is not at all good for the environment.
  5. Bamboo is incredibly durable. Any hair brush made out of bamboo should last you for years.

How To Look After Your Hair Brush

Assuming you have treated yourself to a high quality and well made hair brush, there is no reason why your hair brush shouldn’t last you for many years, especially if you look after it.

It may sound silly but you should be giving your hair brush a clean with some shampoo too. Just imagine everything that your hair brush picks up on a daily basis? All those products you use in your hair will collect in the hair brush, as well as any dirt that your hair has picked up. The last thing you want to do is reintroduce it to your hair – if you don’t clean your hair brush frequently you’ll just be making your hair dirty every time you brush it.

Every day I like to wash my hair brush out after I’ve used it with a little warm water. Then probably around once a week I will give it a proper clean out with shampoo.

For this more thorough clean I make sure I remove any hair that has been caught in the brush (use a comb or a pen/pencil to get it all out). I then fill up my sink with warm water and add a little shampoo to it. I grab an old bristle toothbrush and give my hair brush a proper scrub down. Once I’ve scrubbed it I will then rinse the shampoo off and leave it to dry out ready for my next use.

By taking this extra care of my hair brush, not only will it last much longer, it will also help to keep my hair clean and healthy.










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