Babyliss Curl Secret Review

When a tool comes along that completely revolutionises the way you do your hair, it’s going to get some attention. Social media are all over it. From videos showing how magically it works to photos showing before and after results; you’re guaranteed to have come across the Babyliss Curl Secret by now.

Without even knowing what it does or how it works, the contraption itself earns itself a jaw-dropping reaction. Resembling a strangely designed hair dryer, it’s almost impossible to believe that this tool is intended to curl hair.

Considering your traditional hair curler, it’s a little hard to wrap your head around how this shape could possibly curl your hair. We’re used to a tong, a long piece of metal that we automatically know to wrap our strands around to create the perfect curl.

But what if I told you this magical contraption could take all the legwork out of your curling routine?

Your jaw will only drop further when you see how this actually works. Countless tutorials have flooded the internet showing the magical act that is the Babyliss Curl Secret.

Now that I’ve got you on the edge of your seat, yelling at me to explain what I’m talking about- let’s break down how this curler works its magic…

Main Features

  • Revolutionary Auto Curl technology
  • Professional heating system for fast curl formation
  • 2 heat settings of 185C and 205C
  • 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects
  • Automatic curl direction creates a natural finish
  • Ceramic curl chamber for a smooth finish
  • Ionic frizz control
  • Heat ready indicator
  • 60min sleep mode function
  • Auto shut off
  • 2.5m swivel cord
  • Heat protection mat

How It Works

Now that we’ve gotten all the technicalities out of the way, let’s deal with how to actually use this miracle tool. It is imperative to understand the right way this was meant to be used. Just looking at it you can tell that the wrong way could be disastrous.

The Babyliss Curl Secret works uniquely to automatically draw your hair into the tool and curl it inside. You simply begin by taking a small section of your hair and then figure out where you want the curl to start.

The most important step to remember of them all is to always make sure that the opening of the curling chamber is facing inwards (towards your head). This is important to avoid any mishaps, although fortunately the tool is equipped with the ability to beep to inform you if something is going wrong, for example if you’ve placed too large a section of hair in. It is automated to avoid any accidents which is definitely reassuring considering how unusual the tool may seem at first.

Once you have your section of hair ready and position the tool with the curling chamber facing towards your head, place the tool at the point of the section where you want the curl to start. Now, this can be right at the top if you’re going for a voluminous curled look or near the ends if you just want wavy ends. Whichever point you choose, place your hair into the chamber at that point. It is also important to understand that you aren’t meant to bunch the hair all into the little curling chamber- simply slide your hair into it and leave the rest of the section of hair hanging out of it (similar to how you would use a straightener).

Once you have your hair perfectly positioned, press down on the tool to close up the chamber and watch that section of your hair be sucked up into it! This is easily the most mind-boggling part of the process. The tool draws your hair in and begins to beep slowly to inform you that it’s working.

Once the beeping begins a rapid sequence, it is time to remove your hair. Simply release your clench and let your hair flow out of the curling chamber. It’s as simple as that! This automated curling process is designed to ensure perfect curls every time and a curl that’s thorough from the top to the ends.

Babyliss Curl Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid placing large sections into the chamber, the tool is likely to beep and not allow it to work. If not, you may not get as thorough results as when using smaller sections
  • When it comes to the back of your hair, split your hairline down the middle and take sections from each side. Trying to blindly grab sections from the back of your head could be problematic and not leave you with the best results.
  • If you aren’t looking for tight curls and want more of a wavy or natural look, instead of brushing through them just separate your strands within each curl with your fingers and push your hair up while doing so. This method is guaranteed to give you voluminous luscious locks!
  • Don’t worry about the fact that you always have to keep the opening facing towards your head- this doesn’t mean that every curl will be in the same direction. The Babyliss Curl Secret is actually programmed to face each curl in alternating directions to give you a more natural look as opposed to prom curls from the 70s.

Who it’s suitable for

While this curler works wonders, its effects can vary depending on hair type. The Babyliss hair professionals recommend only using it on shorter hair, the limit being hair that reaches the middle of your back.

This isn’t to say that it’s dangerous to use otherwise, it simply means that with longer hair you might end up with your ends remaining straight. The curling chamber can only take so much hair at a time, so it’s difficult for it to curl an entire long section of hair.

However, a tip to give you a chance to try this out even if you have long hair is to do it in segments. Begin by curling your hair from the top and then go back in for another round starting from the point where the curler stopped working. It’s certainly catered for shorter hair and a lot less of a hassle for them to use.

It is also not recommended to be used on hair extensions, although we’ve done our research and found that most people disagree. Apparently this can work just fine with hair extensions.

All in all, it can work for most people as long as you avoid a few things that could make things harder. For example, as is suggested when straightening your hair you should always make sure your hair is thoroughly combed through and avoid any tangles. We found that tangles can often make the process harder and leave your hair with a kink instead of a curl.

I’m sure you know by now how magical this curling appliance is. This revolutionary creation finally takes the effort and time out of curling your hair.

What’s so amazing about it is that it promises to give you perfect identical curls with every section of your hair, as opposed to the difficulties with getting even curls when using a curling tong.

It’s also useful in the sense that it can give you even curls from the tops to the ends of your hair, when usually we find it hard to get our ends perfectly curled and are left with straight ends.

What we love most about it is how foolproof and reliable it can be. Whether you’re accustomed to curling your hair, or you’ve never tried it before, this takes all the guesswork out of it – the technique is so straight forward that it’s almost impossible to mess it up!

A fear when approaching this tool is often that it’s too gimmicky and doesn’t actually do anything different to a curling tong. While this may be true to some extent, this tool does also offer some extra help that you wouldn’t get with a curling tong. For example, it gives the curls more longevity than a usual curling tong.

With a curler you often find yourself feeling things out and guessing when you think your hair is ready, and then dousing it with hair spray to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Whereas, with the Curl Secret it is formulated to time each curl perfectly to give it just the right amount of heat to give it more longevity, so you’re guaranteed to get the most out of every curl possible.

It’s also definitely more reliable than a usual curling tong. Normally, you can have some bad curl days and some good ones, but the automated nature of the Curl Secret basically means that you’re guaranteed to get the same curls every time, so you know what you’re getting.

But, regardless of how impressive it is, there has been some scepticism towards it, let’s see why…

What We Don’t Like

As with most things that seem too good to be true, there are some downfalls to the Babyliss Curl Secret. While the expected concern of it failing to work isn’t true, some of the outcomes aren’t that desirable.

Whilst the tool itself worked as promised perfectly, it was found by many as well as myself to deliver curls that were too deliver curls that were too tight. While they were perfect curls, and if that was the look sought after then it would be perfect; there is no versatility to get creative with the kinds of looks you can create. No matter how much styling or brushing through you attempt, it is virtually impossible to get a wavy finish to your hair. This is where it gets hard to see how this tool can improve the curling process.

With a curling wand you can often personalize your curl to however you want it depending on the width of the barrel, or your curling method. Aside from the barrel itself it is pretty simple to brush through your curls and get the desired effect. But due to how perfect and long lasting the curls are when using this tool, it gets difficult to transform them into a different finish.

Another finish related difficulty you might face with this contraption depends on your hair type. While the Curl Secret does simplify the process and speed it up, it mostly does that for short and sleek hair.

If you have thick or longer hair it gets more daunting to get a perfect result with the curler. It gets pretty temperamental if you haven’t thoroughly combed your hair through and made sure it’s a tangle-free zone; which can get frustrating if your hair is naturally prone to getting tangled easily.

Even for non-problematic hair, this tool can be difficult to work with even if you just have thick hair. Those with thick hair have found it to not curl their hair as flawlessly, and they definitely noticed a lack of longevity in the curls. I believe one reviewer went so far as to claim it hardly lasted before the process was over. 

Babyliss Curl Summary 

The Babyliss Curl Secret is revolutionary, this much we can’t deny. But all in all, is it really worth all the hype that surrounds it?

Despite the exceptions of some hair types, and perhaps the difficult to work with the finish; this tool is undeniably worth the hype. Despite it all, it does stay true to its promise of eliminating the guesswork and time it can take to curl your hair.

This simple process can take curling from an hour-long process to a simple 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. No curler can ever hold a candle to the perfection it gives every section of your hair, and so it’s virtually impossible to deem it unworthy of the hype it has gotten.

It truly is a unique and magical tool that transforms the way we curl our hair. One simple click can give you the curl you’d normally need tons of product and hair spray and clips to pull off; that pretty much settles it for me. The promise of salon-quality hair at the click of your finger just cannot be beaten.

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