9 Ways To Protect Your Hair This Summer

Protect your hair this summerWith summer fast approaching we can begin to look forward to lazy beach days, eating outside and longer days. Hopefully you’ll also get some away time this year with the chance to laze by the pool, or take a dip in the ocean.

But how will your hair enjoy those hot summer months? If you want to pull off a healthy beach glow, you will need to ensure you take extra special care of your locks.

Don’t end up looking more scarecrow than sun kissed.

Follow these top tips for healthy hair this summer.

Tie It Back


Try and minimise the amount of styling time by putting your hair up in a pony tail or bun. If your hair is getting more heat from the sun, you’ll want to cut down on your straightener use.

Plaits are big this summer, it’s the perfect excuse to ditch the electric hair appliances.

Turn Down The Heat

Although you’ll be cutting down on your straightener use, it doesn’t mean you have to completely cut it out. When you do decide to use a heated styler make sure you keep the temperature down low, and if you are blow drying your hair use a nozzle for extra protection from the heat.

Cover Your Hair

sun hat

It’s not a good idea to let your hair be constantly exposed to the sun’s rays. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to protect your hair without compromising on style. Choose a fashionable headscarf to protect your locks, or opt for a floppy hat to also provide cover for your neck and face.

Deep Condition

You should be applying a deep conditioning mask all year round, but it is even more important during the hotter summer months. The sun’s rays will quickly dry out the moisture in your hair, as will the salt and chlorine when you go swimming. Try out some of my homemade hair mask recipes for inspiration.

Don’t Shampoo Too Much

You’ll be more tempted to shampoo your hair during the hotter months. You’ll likely be sweating more as well as spending more time in the water. If you need to rinse out your hair every day try to limit your shampoo use to every other day and be generous with the conditioner afterwards.

Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Hair

By massaging your scalp and hair with oils you will help to reduce the frizz and drying out of your hair. A coating of oil will protect your hair and nourish it, as well as make it smell great. The oils will strengthen your roots and encourage healthy hair growth.

Protect from UV

Just like your skin can get damaged by the sun, so can your hair. If you spend too long in the sun you risk damage to your hair from UVA and UVB rays. You’ll soon notice if your hair is sun damaged as it will feel really dry and brittle and possibly have broken or splits ends. It will also be more prone to the dreaded frizz.

But it’s not all bad news. If you don’t want to cover your hair with a hat or scarf as discussed previously, you can spray in some sun protection for your hair and scalp.

Always Wash Your Hair After Swimming

Out of swimming in a chlorine treated swimming pool and in the salty sea, as you would imagine, the former is the worst for your hair. Chlorine is used to kill off harmful germs in the pool but in the process it also damages your hair by removing it’s natural oils.

Make sure after each and every swim you thoroughly rinse your hair, running conditioner through it as often as you can to stop it from drying out. You may need to apply more conditioning masks to your hair than normal to keep it from drying out.

Swimming in the sea is definitely kinder on your hair than chlorine. Salt is rich in minerals and vitamins, helping to promote hair growth and a healthier scalp. However, salt can also have a drying effect on your hair, and is potentially damaging to already treated or fragile hair. You can counteract this by applying coconut oil to your hair to act as a barrier to the salt. Whether you use coconut oil or not, always make sure you wash your hair thoroughly afterwards to get all the salt out.

Get a Hair Cut

Head into summer with a new hair cut. Even if you are growing your hair or don’t want much taken off the length, try to get a little trim to remove any dry or split ends. This will prevent them spreading further up your hair and causing more damage in the sun.

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