7 Hair Tips For A Younger Looking You

Age comes to us all at some point, and if you don’t look after your hair in the right way it can make you look older than your years.

By following a few simple tips and styles, you can keep your fresh looks, and perhaps even take years off!

1. Be kind to your roots

It’s sometimes easier to just grab a hairband and pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun. But don’t pull it too tight, putting unneccessary strain on your roots will cause damages and breakage. Wear your hair loose as often as you can, or opt for gentle pony tails and styles that don’t pull at your hair.

2.  Turn down the temperature

You should be mindful of how much heat you use on your hair at all ages, but it is even more important as you get older. Chances are you have been using hot styling appliances for many years so pay attention to how hot you have the temperature and how often you use them. Try and limit things like hot straighteners and hot air brushes to only once or twice a week, and remember to use the right straighteners for your hair type.

3. Watch your colour

The hair colour that suited you in your twenties and thirties might not be as complementary in your older years. Although it is fun to experiment with different colours, one only a few shades from your natural colour is often the best suited, or a few subtle highlights. Always visit a professional stylist to get your colour done, they can advise you as well on what might suit you best. Also, if you have subjected your hair to years of colouring and highlights you might want to ease up a bit, too much can really take it’s toll on your locks and leave you with brittle and frizzy hair.

4. Hydrate your hair

Your hair needs moisture just like your body does. Drink lots of fresh water every day to ensure your hair reaps the benefits of a fully hydrated body.

5. Eat well

I am a huge believer in you are what you eat. If your diet mainly consists of processed food your hair is going to reflect this. It will likely be dulls and lifeless. Eat foods rich in nutrients such as avocado, oily fish, nuts and seeds, fruit and lots of green vegetables. Your hair will thank you with shine and strength.

6. Get a great stylist

The right hairdresser can make or break your look. If you get regular trims (every 8 weeks is good), your hair will look healthy and keep you looking fresh and young. Although long hair can look great on some people, if it is lank and out of shape, it will make you look older than your years.

7. It’s all in the cut

Just because you have reached a certain age it doesn’t mean you have to avoid modern and stylish hair cuts. Its easy to get stuck with the same hairstyle you have had for the last decade. But the right haircut can make you look 5 or 10 years younger! For some inspirational hair styles to suit all lengths, take a took at this collection.


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