7 Steps to Healthier and Stronger Hair

7 Step to Healthier and Stronger HairHealthy, strong and shiny hair is achieved by making the right choices, such as a nutrient-rich diet, as well as choosing the right hair products for your hair type.

With regular use of heated appliances such as electric brushes and straighteners it is even more important to take the time to look after our hair.

By following these 7 steps you will be giving your hair the best chance of staying healthy and strong.

Use A Deep Conditioner

Use a leave in conditioner that nourishes your hair at least once a month. This is even more important if you suffer from dry or damaged hair. I like to use a conditioning mask at least once a week as I frequently style my hair with straighteners, as well get it coloured/highlighted at the hairdressers.

Scalp Massage

Does your hairdresser often massage your head whilst he/she is washing your hair? It’s not just to make you feel relaxed – massaging your scalp also helps to unclog hair folicles which in turn improves hair growth. You should try and massage your scalp every day, either when washing your hair, or at another time if you don’t wash your hair every day.

Eat An Iron Rich Diet

Many women around the world suffer from iron deficiency, and they don’t even know it. Not getting an adequate intake of iron can greatly effect not only your energy levels, but also cause hair loss. Try to consume more iron rich foods such as dark leafy greens. If you are at all concerned about your iron levels visit a doctor who will be able to advise you accordingly.

Include More Vitamin A

It’s time for more dark green leafy vegetables! Other foods also high in vitamin A include carrots and sweet potatoes. Vitamin A can help to keep the scalp healthy.

Add Extra Vitamin B

You’ve guessed it- more dark green leafy vegetables! Seriously, they have so many health benefits it is worth trying to include them – or at least have them in the form of a green smoothie. Vitamin B is also great for keeping your scalp healthy and hair strong. Vitamin B can also be found in whole grains, nuts and seafoods.

Herbal Recipes

Try to include a herbal hair rinse once or twice a week. When you use shampoo you can get a build up of residue – a natural herbal rinse will help to balance out the pH levels in your hair and reduce any inflammation caused by heat, products and treatment.

Invest In The Right Stylers

If you are anything like me you won’t want to stop using heated stylers on your hair. Although I do try to limit the frequency of my hair’s exposure to heated appliances, I do still use a high quality straightening brush once or twice a week, as well as my flat irons.


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