5 Ways To Have Great Hair On Holiday

Hair on HolidayJust because you are going on holiday it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your usual hair care and styling routine. In fact, you’ll want to make sure you are looking better than ever, after all, think of the holiday snaps – you don’t want to be having a bad hair day in any of them!

1. Get It Cut Before You Go

Time your haircuts so that you get a good cut just before you go on holiday, that way you can be sure that you won’t be sporting any split ends or out of shape style to ruin your locks. Ask your hair stylist to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment too for an extra bit of shine and glow.

2. Pack Your Appliances

If I am going to a hot country I tend to leave my hair dryer behind and let my hair dry naturally. Mainly because it will dry so quickly anyway, but also blasting my head with more heat is often the last thing I want. I won’t however travel anywhere without my travel straighteners!

In fact, my friends find it hilarious that I take my straighteners everywhere with me! But it’s no laughing matter when I’m in a hot and humid country and my hair grows to twice the size!

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Depending on how I am travelling and how much space I have available I might also sometimes take either my flat iron straighteners or my favourite electric straightening brush instead.

Always check the voltage of your appliances before you go as well as what you can and can’t take on an aeroplane.

3. Protect It From The Sun

Just as you need to protect your hair from the heat from appliances, you also need to protect it from the sun’s heat. If you are already prone to dry hair you need to take extra special care. You can protect your hair from harmful UV rays by applying some sun protection spray especially made for your hair. Don’t forget to consider your scalp too, it can burn easily and it really very painful when it does, especially when it comes to brushing your hair!

If you don’t want to put spray on your hair and scalp then you will need to wear a hat or scarf to protect yourself, particularly during the high heat of the day.

4. Protect It From The Water

Just as you need to take care of your hair in the sun, you also need to protect it from the chlorine and salt. Always rinse out your hair after swimming in fresh clean water. Also, a leave in conditioner is great to spray on wet hair to prevent it from dehydrating.

5. Look Good When You Step Off The Plane

There is something about being on a plane that turns our hair and makeup into a disaster zone within a far too short space of time. The air conditioning can play havoc with hair, as can the constant urge to fiddle with it when we’re bored. The easiest style to wear your hair in whilst on a plane is tied back in a lose ponytail or bun. Then, when you are ready to land, or just as you get off, you can take it down and just run a hair brush through it.

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Another thing that sometimes happens when I am flying, my hair gets kind of static and more prone to frizz. I assume this is down to the material of the plane seats. Either way, it isn’t a good look.

6. Take Some Deep Conditioning Masks With You

If you are likely to be in and out of the water and/or out in the sunshine it is a good idea to pack some conditioning masks in your luggage. These will give your hair an added shine and boost to help you maintain that healthy glow on holiday.


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